Human rights are standards that recognize and protect the dignity of all human beings. Human rights govern how individual human beings live in society and with each other, as well as their relationship with the State and the obligations that the State have towards them.
Human rights law obliges governments to do some things, and prevents them from doing others. Individuals also have responsibilities: in using their human rights, they must respect the rights of others. No government, group or individual person has the right to do anything that violates another’s rights.
We will focus on HR related Labour Matters
Disputes between employer and employee arise daily, these disputes must be dealt with speedily.
The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) is available to aggrieved employees to be heard. Remember you must refer a matter to the CCMA within 30 days.
Offering employment needs to be done in line with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act and Labour Relations Act.
Every employee should be provided with an employment contract before they commence working for you. In your workplace you need a code of conduct and disciplinary procedure. This will ensure harmony in the workplace as everybody will know upfront what is expected of them and what will not be tolerated.
We offer the following:
Employment contracts
Notice to attend disciplinary hearing
Code of conduct and disciplinary procedure
Chairing of disciplinary hearing
Employer/employee workshops – ensuring both parties understand the necessity of warnings, disciplinary hearings and how to conduct yourself correctly.
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